September 2013

Summer grubbin’, had me a blast…

Two weekends in the courtyard of Ketri Cafe in the West Village of downtown Santa Ana, CA

Round I

Fine, I’ll Use Bacon…
But I’m gonna shoot it with cantaloupe

Focaccia Bread with
Oven-dried Tomato Ricotta
Quick and easy in just 12 hours

Not Yo’ Mama’s Greek Salad
Not even if she’s Greek

Shrimp and Corn Love Affair
The odd couple that’s surprisingly tasty

Peace in the Middle East Lamb
with Persian Pesto, Israeli Couscous
& An American Artichoke
Well…we tried

Savory Chef Does Dessert
Watermelon sorbet and mint cream with savory spiced almonds (couldn’t help myself)

Round 2

Oh Crab!
Kaffir mint refresher with crispy crab cake, fresh labneh, & sriracha pearls

Soup & Salad Identity Crisis
Spiced tomato gazpacho with fresh burrata cheese,
basil gone wild, and pumpernickel soil

Sweet Suffering Succotash
Seared scallop with sweet corn succotash and Thai coconut curry

Get in My Pork Belly
Grilled pork tenderloin with pork pocket, crispy pork belly, collard greens garnish

That’s Just Poppycock
Almond cake with popcorn ice cream, salted caramel & parmesan lace